What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition when one’s hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It often leads to whiteheads and blackheads or pimples and possible scarring of the skin. Acne is most common among teenagers though it can affect people of all ages. The pimples and bumps heal slowly and as one starts to fade away, several others might crop up at the same time. It usually appears on the face, forehead, chest, upper back, shoulders, etc. In 2015, acne was estimated to affect 633 million people globally, making it the 8th most common disease in the world.


The symptoms might vary according to the severity of the disease:

i)   Whiteheads or blackheads

ii)   Small red bumps

iii)  Pimples, which are skin inflammations with pus at their tip

iv)   Large, solid, painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin

v)    Painful, pus-filled lumps beneath the surface of the skin (cystic lesions)


Some of the causes leading to acne are as following:

i) Genes: Acne appears to be strongly inherited with 81% of the variation in the population explained by genetics.

ii) Hormones: Acne may appear during puberty as there are hormonal changes in both boys and girls during puberty.

iii) Infection: Anaerobic bacterial species Cutibacterium acnes might contribute to the   development of acne.

iv) Stress: Stress might cause or even worsen acne.

Homeopathic management

Applying different creams, lotions,external applications will help to some extent but the root cause of acne had to be treated with medications.If PCOS is causing acne it had to be treated.Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating acne.A detail case history is taken which enables the homeopathic doctor to know the cause of acne,the treatment is given accordingly.The mental symptoms of the patient are also noted which enables the doctor to choose the right remedy. Some patients may get pustular acne, some may leave scars,  so homeopathic medicine is based on individualisation as every individual is different, physical symtoms as well as mental symptoms are different. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the basis of individualisation

Geetanjali Joshi Bothe (BMS)